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Let Us Say
It For You

Here at Mia Nicole, we cater to a different type of individual. In todays world, so many things are considered taboo, insensitive, even braggadocious… We respect that. But what if that’s the only way to convey one’s point? Should they live stifled by the insecurities of others? Risk a verbal rampage which will render them isolated and alone? Neither, they come to us… Here at Mia Nicole, we advise you to always remain humble, and let us say it for you.


Each hat is individually embroidered, one at a time, making every one as unique as a snowflake. Custom Orders once approved, provide a variety of design options for the consumer. After answering a few question, the consumer is presented with multiple versions of their design, so they can select the one closest to their vision. Here at Mia Nicole, we do our best to recreate what you want!



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"I NEED that hat."

— “Let Us Say It For You” Podcast

MN Loves
The Kids

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“I Know
The Owner”

Back in 2017, just three days after finishing the final class of her master’s degree in Project Management, the adjustment from not having school looming, was oddly uncomfortable for Leah. From that, Mia Nicole was born. She didn’t know what the company would be about, didn’t even have a name, but she knew she wanted to own her own business. A month later, she named the company after her then 4-year-old daughter Mia and made her co-owner. Leah has never been shy with her words, and her brand isn’t either. One late night while designing the website, she needed a tagline… She looked over at a few hats she made earlier that day, smiled at their taboo yet realistic nature and said to herself “Always remain humble, and let us say it for you”.